University of Utah Student Media

Some form of student created media has existed on the campus of the University of Utah since 1890 with the publication of the University's first printed student newsletter. In 1892, The Utah Chronicle was born and has been created and published by students ever since. In the subsequent years, the Chronicle has undergone many transformations in publication size and frequency, but one thing has stayed consistent - our commitment to being the independent student voice of the University of Utah.

In 1988 the student-run radio station, K-UTE was formed. It also has undergone several changes in broadcast format and method, but is dedicated to representing student music and entertainment interests on campus.

Sometime in the mid 1990s, the University of Utah established the Publications Council and the Student Broadcast Council. Each was tasked with overseeing the operations of student publications and broadcasts on campus, respectively. At this time, an independent publications student fee was established. Using funding grants from the Publications Council, a variety student driven publications came and went over the years.

In 2007, a decision made by the student government to cut funding to K-UTE prompted the the University to examine how it handled student media on campus. The result was the formation of the Student Media Council, which incorporated the former Publications and Student Broadcast Councils into one. This new council oversees the Student Media department on campus.

Officially formed in 2008, Student Media existed primarily of the Chronicle and K-UTE. Since then, students have pushed for the creation of additional content platforms. Today, Student Media funds and operates The Daily Utah Chronicle (in print weekly and online daily), K-UTE Radio (streamed 24/7), Wasatch Magazine (in print monthly and online regularly), (online with regular content), Studio200 (producing video content on YouTube), and The AdThing (student-staffed ad agency). And there should be more to come.

The goal of Student Media at the University of Utah is to provide students with real-world, hands-on experience in media such as journalism, broadcasting, marketing, advertising, public relations, graphic design, web programming, and more. Media by students, for students.

The student creators in Student Media are the storytellers of campus. They seek to engage, provoke, inspire, and connect campus through the content they create.